A Real Life Change

Have you ever woken up one day and suddenly decided you want more out of life? Maybe you need to let go of the relationship you thought was meant to be, or maybe just switch up your diet or just start something you have postponed for so long. Be encouraged, you are not alone. I woke up a few weeks ago and told myself “There has to be more to life!” – A Real Life Change

I have been in a “relationship” or getting to know someone for the past year and I accepted this was the person I would spend my life with, we were sharing our desire to have kids and to get married in Milan, Italy (once Rona has blown over of cause).

A Real Life Change

But I have been unhappy for months, I had to beg him to listen to me as I share my feelings, I had to always listen to him and put him and his needs first but inside I needed him too. I needed comfort,

Needed date days and I just needed him to be present. Every single day I wake up wondering why I am settling if I know for sure this is not the person I am meant to be with, every moment of trying to share my feelings led to an argument and led to days of no contact and communication and a few days later all will just continue as nothing happened. 

No one is perfect

It hit me today, we often get so used to the toxic and end up disqualifying ourselves from what we deserve because we think we have no right to have the best.

Don’t get me wrong, no human being is perfect but I believe as women we are worthy of a love that covers, that is patient and kind and pushes us closer to where we need to be in life.

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I looked around me and saw everyone getting engaged, getting married, having children, getting a degree. Everybody else, everybody else… “When will it be my turn?”

This is real life, we all struggle with these things internally because we are afraid of walking away because walking away would mean that we are alone and have to face ourselves.

I have this big desire for companionship and I allowed myself to settle because I didn’t want to be the only one in my friend circle who is 28 years and single, who still doesn’t have a degree, who still doesn’t know exactly where her life is headed.

Let Go!

It’s not easy waking up and realising you have to let go of someone you already planned your whole life with, it’s not easy having to face the questions of when you will get married when you will have kids.

Not that it’s any of their business but society places you on their timeline instead of just being patient and allowing God’s timing and purpose for your life to flourish. What you can do is settle and live with the fact that you didn’t have the patience to wait on the more you want from life or you can enjoy life, live in the moment and know what is meant for you will never pass you by.

A Real Life Change

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Savannah Solomons
Savannah Solomons

Real Life Editor

Savannah is a Cape Townian by birth and heart. She loves her city and everything about it. She is a passionate writer, make-up artist and singer. She is the founder of The Royal Beauty Foundation that fights against woman and child abuse, hoping to establish safe houses across the globe and to provide a safe place for broken and abused woman with access to councelling. Savannah is passionate about empowering women to obtain the needed skills to venture into any career path they dream off. She also founded the Royal Beauty Brand, a Cosmetics brand launching their very first lip gloss collection later this year.

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