Best Hair Accessories to Suit Your Personality


Some people may not see the need for picking the perfect accessories for their hair, but for some, it is one of the most important parts of getting dressed, seeing as “a great hairstyle is the best accessory”.

Here are a few of our favourite hair accessories of different personality types

This summer we are keeping it simple with these stunning hair clips from Witchery, which suit the floral theme perfectly. The pins cost R300 and will be perfect for someone who has long unmanageable hair. They will also go well with an outgoing personality. If you are one of those girls that constantly want to look neat and in control of your hair even though you aren’t really, these are your best friends.

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If you are not a fan of hair clips, you can use these amazing hair scrunchies from MR Price for only R30.

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If you are more of a quiet and nonchalant person, I have the perfect accessories for you. I personally think that an outstanding bow hair clip will suit you better, simply because you are a quiet person and somehow I believe you should have a voice. So why not speak through your accessories? This bow clip can be purchased from Zara for R190. 

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I am a more unpredictable, outgoing individual, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I like meeting new people, and I don’t open up easily. I can be very socially awkward at times and that’s by choice, but there are days when I’m willing to meet new people and I want to open up to them. If you feel as though you are similar to me then I suggest you look into this gold dragon clip. You never know a dragon’s next move, which in this case makes this very symbolic of this personality, seeing as one can never predict your reaction in certain circumstances. This clip is available from Lovisa for R124

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I know some of the clips might not work well for black girls since you might have an afro, which is really hard to manage. Lucky for you, MR Price’s flower crown allows you to wear your fro with confidence. This hairband retails at R60.

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I hope you found the perfect accessories to suit your personality well, and remember that the motto is to go wild on the accessories. Be sure to check out the next blog about which shoes should and shouldn’t be in your closet this summer.

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Amogelang Rakgoale
Amogelang Rakgoale

BLOSS Youth Fashion Editor

Amogelang Rakgoale is a 17 year old, born in Limpopo, Polokwane. She lived with her grandparents up until the age of 9. Amogelang is an ambitious young girl who aspires to have a meaningful impact on society. She is a dreamer that dreams big. Those very same dreams spark a deep passion to ensure that her dreams become a reality. Amo considers herself as a spiritual individual in that she uses the Law of Attraction to channel her mind. Amo is currently in grade 11 at Pro Arte Alphen Park. She considered an Art school to help emphasize her passion for Art. Amo enjoys expanding her knowledge in the fashion and beauty industry.

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