cARscan – The All Inclusive App For Your Car Buying Needs

Let’s face it, not everyone can afford a brand new vehicle. In this case, a second-hand option can be just what you need.  Especially when the one you were eyeing is slightly out of your price range

Enter cARscan. A self-assessment app that guides you in scanning a vehicle’s condition and comparing it to how the car was before if that info exists.

cARscan – The All-Inclusive App For All Your Car Buying Needs 

Yep, Just like I did, you’re now probably asking yourself how exactly cARscan does this. CEO and co-founder of cARscan, Obins Choudhary, broke it down for me (and you).

cARscan is a Venture Capital funded AutoTech start-up, co-founded by Obins himself and Chander Prakash. In a nutshell, the app helps the automotive ecosystem to buy, sell, rent, service, insure, finance, and auction cars. Which is excellent news for any second-hand car buyer.

The car app is targeted at any organization or person who owns or deals with a car. It can also come in handy if you are an insurer, car salesperson, vehicle asset financer, auditor, fleet Manager, handle rentals, or an auction house.

cARscan – The All Inclusive App For Your Car Buying Needs

According to Choudhary, cARscan takes less than a minute to scan a car. The app lifts the VIN number and Odometer reading of a vehicle during a scan, plus its tyre and geolocation information. It also creates a report that cites damage, dents, and scratches, thereby mitigating risks around the car’s identity or you being sold a vehicle that has an accident history.

Another benefit of the app is that it provides you with the cheapest quotes from multiple places such as:

  • SMEs/suppliers (repairers, tyre providers, windscreen providers, etc.)
  • After-market part providers
  • Enterprises
  • Dealerships
  • Buyers

cARscan – The All Inclusive App For Your Car Buying Needs

I tried the app on my own car. Although there we some technical glitches here and there, for the most part, cARscan provided adequate data from my baby to showcase its claimed use as an app.

Here are additional cARscan benefits:

  • A report gets generated along with multiple quotes from suppliers in the closest proximity to repair the damages or replace parts in the car.
  • Identifies differences in the condition of the vehicle from a previous scan.

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