Creating Family Traditions This Christmas

Creating Family Traditions is easier than you think. Start doing something special with your family and repeat every year.

It’s the special things we did as a family growing up. For instance, the small things that linger. These are the memories that create those nostalgic moments that last. For instance, cleaning the prawns and the stuffing ingredients the week of Christmas with my sisters while listening and dancing to Christmas hits, was really a hit! It wasn’t the task so much, but the unity and cheer that we shared that make me remember this so vividly.

I want my kids to have great family memories, and Christmas traditions are one of the most fun ways I can think of to create those memories!

Here are 10 really fun ideas to start your traditions this festive season:

  • Decorate the tree on December first and every day leading to Christmas add a decoration that was made by the kids.
  • Fill shoeboxes with toys and treats for less fortunate kids.
  • Put together a Festive playlist ( I remember our house chiming with Bony M).
  • Start an Advent Calendar and fill it with fun activities leading up to Christmas (find yours at Busy Bean with many other fun Craft activities).
  • Bake Cookies and let the kids decorate.
  • Act out the nativity scene.
  • Sing Christmas Carols.
  • Have a family slumber party.
  • Let the kids make gifts for each other and family members (candle making and soap making is great for family fun).

Your family traditions are what your kids will remember fondly, throughout their lifetime. They often may carry through these lovingly created moments into their own homes one day. Christmas is one of those holidays times that centres on family and its importance. It’s such a special time of year to bond and create carefree, wholesome fun. Enjoy every moment together, especially after 2020 we have had!

Please share your family traditions with us by dropping a comment below, we would love to hear from you.

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Priyanka Naidoo
Priyanka Naidoo

Kids Editor

Priyanka is a mother and a parenting coach. She worked as a lawyer before pursuing her calling. She gets super excited to encourage and empower mothers and parents through the exciting and exhausting phases of parenthood. She uses Positive Parenting techniques and a growth mindset to allow parents to build resilient, empathetic strong children and inturn give parents the control and space to create systems of flow in their life. She loves Friday Family pizza night and her glass of Chardonnay. Comfy Boho Chic is her style and will be found reading or browsing in artisan and farmers markets with her hubby in her relax time.

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