Genital Piercings Are Not For The Faint Hearted

If it looks good upstairs, it can look good downstairs too!

Although genital piercings are not for the faint-hearted, it is a trend that is growing day by day. A trend that has even proven to enhance one’s sex life! Despite the sexual benefits, it looks really sexy too!

Being a person who is covered in piercings myself, I know what the maintenance is like. The road ahead is paved by cautious movements. Trust me, hooking your new shiny nipple ring on a chair is worse than it sounds! So, considering that I have about 12-odd piercings, I feel this is something I can comfortably speak on.

Genital Piercings Are Not For The Faint Hearted


The person piercing you must know what they are doing however, what you do afterwards is what counts. Firstly, DO NOT fiddle with it. Although it may not have much feeling right after, the feeling returns rather fast. If you keep fiddling with it, you are not allowing it to settle and time for your body to get over the shock. Reminder: genital piercings are not for the faint-hearted!


If you think the soaps on the shelf were made to clean open wounds with foreign objects placed inside, think again. I swore by lukewarm saltwater three times a day. An old school remedy that has proven to work just fine. Once cleaned, pat the area dry as to avoid any fluids from getting trapped. Do not try and close it off or cover it tightly as it does need space to breathe and dry out.

Genital Piercings Are Not For The Faint Hearted


For clit rings:

  • Stay away from lacey undies that may hook. Get yourself some granny panties for the first few weeks;
  • Avoid bathing as dirty water could potentially cause infections;
  • Be sure to wipe gently after you wee and to make sure no wee stays behind;
  • Avoid sex for at least 4 weeks to ensure that it heals properly;
  • Do not change the stud until the day you get the go-ahead from a professional (trust me, you don’t want the hole closing, leaving you to poke a whole new one yourself)

Reminder: genital piercings are not for the faint hearted!

For nipple rings:

  • Do not wear tight-fitting bra’s. A comfy sports bra that sits loosely around the nipples will do;
  • Avoid direct sunlight and direct water on your nipple as this will delay the drying out and healing process;
  • Rather insert a steel bar than a ring. The steel bars are less irritating and to me, a lot sexier anyways;
  • Keep the area lotion and perfume free as the nipple is a porous organ;
  • Get used to discharges as this is the body’s natural way of trying to keep the area clean;
  • Stay away from any chest-height objects when walking around naked.

This may not be your typical blog, but I believe many of you had questions and I have nothing but answer to give 🙂

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Christelle du Plessis
Christelle du Plessis

Sex Editor

Christelle du Plessis is an aspiring motivational speaker, certified life coach and the fiance of a real rockstar. Her passion is working with women while creating a space for them where they feel safe to express themselves and where they will become equipped to change the circumstances they are in. Christelle is a social butterfly, she is loud, busy and bubbly and she would like to think of herself as a very strong-minded and determined young woman. Instead of changing the world, she wants to teach people to do it themselves.

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