Harnessing Happiness Hormones

Harnessing Happiness Hormones

The illustrious maxim that echoes that ‘everyone wants happiness, but no one wants pain, however, you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain’ truly translates into the fitness world. This is comparable to enduring strenuous exercise which in turn allows for harnessing happiness hormones.

This is justifiable as the key to the releasing endorphins and that of the happiness hormone is only activated once exercise and minimal pain or discomfort concerning fitness-related activities commence.

Exercising truly entails a host of beneficial advantages concerning physical mobility and psychological health. This also has the added plus of mood upliftment through the release of the happiness hormones. In short, these buzzwords include endorphins, which refer to the natural feel-good chemicals released in your brain.

This is in correlation to serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin that unite to release positive feelings.  Additionally, exercise likewise diminishes the cortisol hormone that is infamously correlated to stress.

Endorphins Explained

A more comprehensive explanation of the processes related to these happiness hormones entails these chemicals being a by-product of exercise. A feeling of euphoria thus follows as these biological reactions function as organic analgesics.

This desirable state of wellbeing truly is a powerful mechanism deployed by the human body as it allows to mask the pain and sorrow felt by individuals. This is likewise coined as ‘runner’s high’.

Research has subsequently also identified that exercise enriches sleep and boosts self-esteem along with the added benefit of sustainable mental health.

Types of Physical Activities

The advice in terms of exercise activities to release these hormones include cardiovascular actions and all forms of aerobics. This is supplementary to yoga that is known for diminishing stress and tautness.

Focusing on breathing patterns; stretching routines and motions that aid in releasing deleterious emotions also plays into the above-mentioned sentiment. Similarly, the incorporation of a fitness friend boosts morale and in turn aids in harnessing that happy feeling.

Total Timeframe Required

The golden question may in turn revolve around the total time necessary to elicit these benefits. And before the answer is availed, it must be noted that even a short duration of physical deeds can allow for mood upliftment.

Research has corroborated that 10 minutes of muscular movement has shown immense improvement relating to vigour, increased mood and diminished fatigue. Nevertheless, studies have proven that 30-45 minutes of exercising can unlock the additional benefits voiced prior.

Therefore, if you are in need of a pick me up or searching for a healthy solution to happiness, try the optimistic answer of exercise. This will resultantly activate the cost-free biological processes of the body. Consequently, an organic blissful high will follow due to harnessing happiness hormones.

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Anel de Villiers
Anel de Villiers

Travel Editor

Anél is a third-year fashion and business student at the University of Pretoria that believes in living a balanced lifestyle filled with zest. This disciplined Golden Key Academic International Society member strives to attain success in all spheres of life. She loves travelling to aesthetically pleasing destinations just as much as a grueling squash session or revamping interior spaces. The fashion enthusiast and sports fanatic has an affinity for both lustrous garments and the earthy palettes of jagged rock-climbing escapades. The freckled-face former provincial indoor hockey player truly believes the best is yet to come and waits in anticipation for where she might find herself next.

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