Holiday Crafts Sorted This Christmas

Holiday activities sorted this Christmas, fun for the whole family awaits. Let’s get those little hands and minds curious and creative over the next 7 weeks.

With December around the corner and school holidays almost here, there are a million things you have to do. Kids crafts and activities – tick!

Ideas for Kid Holiday Activities

Here are some free resources to keep your kids creative

  • Print out stacks of festive sheets to colour in and decorate. I find the Mom Junction like a candy store for various free printables (they even have a 50-page unicorn colour in printable), you’re welcome.
  • Want to teach the kids the meaning of Christmas? Let them build the nativity scene and learn about the miracle birth of Jesus. Free downloadable templates at Why Christmas. com

Kid-friendly Baking

It’s our hottest season so we need our kids to chill too – how about some DIY Jelly Jars.

This recipe does need to be started two days before needed to allow for set times for the jelly.


  • 3 packets of jelly (yellow, red and green)
  • Fresh berries or Christmas lollies to decorate.


Prepare jellies and layer red, then yellow and green liquid jelly in a cup. Allow setting overnight. Decorate with fresh fruit and chocolate when ready to serve.  Yum!

Ideas for cute DIY gifting

Fill mason jars with treats and decorate the jars with ribbon, pom-poms and pipe cleaners. Create a reindeer, snowman, unicorn – anything your kiddie desires.

This will give kids the ability to also give back and create special, thoughtful gifts for loved ones.

Keeping kids busy for more than an hour is a stretch, it really is a score to have one craft activity a day to keep those minds creative and happy.

Hope you enjoy the next few weeks preparing for this special holiday season.

Be blessed, Pri

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Priyanka Naidoo
Priyanka Naidoo

Kids Editor

Priyanka is a mother and a parenting coach. She worked as a lawyer before pursuing her calling. She gets super excited to encourage and empower mothers and parents through the exciting and exhausting phases of parenthood. She uses Positive Parenting techniques and a growth mindset to allow parents to build resilient, empathetic strong children and inturn give parents the control and space to create systems of flow in their life. She loves Friday Family pizza night and her glass of Chardonnay. Comfy Boho Chic is her style and will be found reading or browsing in artisan and farmers markets with her hubby in her relax time.

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