Make Your Shopping Experience Easier

Make Your Shopping Experience Easier

We all buy clothes and our shopping styles are different. Shopping is a therapy for some people, and a job for others, while it is fun, and a hideous experience for many. No matter how you look at it, at some point, it has to be done. I am a firm believer in planned shopping, let us look at ways that your shopping experience could be easier.

Be a planner

This includes the most important part about shopping, and that is planning your finances for your purchases. If you have to save for a few weeks/months do that. Have a shopping list, one that is in line with your wardrobe needs. Plan what time you will be shopping, some times makes sense for you based on your schedule.

Be purpose-driven

This saves you a lot of walking around the mall with no idea where you are going to find your specified items. Knowing which stores you shop at, which mall has these stores, and which parking to use will definitely make your shopping experience easy. Make your list and stick to it.

Shop online

For some people, this is the perfect way of shopping, no queues, no crowds, and I agree!. When you have your sizing on par, shopping online is easy and shopping from the comfort of your home with your air-con running is bliss.  Avoiding human contact during this pandemic is something most of us are doing and this means your shopping experience is both easy and safe.

Be a savvy shopper

A little bargain never hurt anyone, if you can get your desired items, having a good quality in mind is an achievement and the right direction to making your shopping experience easy and beneficial at the same time.

The festive season is almost here, Christmas shopping is almost here, may it be a safe and easy experience. Happy shopping!

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Omila Gqoboka
Omila Gqoboka

Fashion Writer

Omila gqoboka is the founder of Royal couture, an image consulting company that helps women is South Africa discover their personal style; help bring definition and empowerment of their wardrobes through wardrobe makeovers and personal shopping. She is a co-founder of the Gqoboka foundation, an organisation dedicated at exposing young South Africans to opportunities through sport and education. Before devoting herself to her passion which is fashion, she graduated with an Economics and Finance degree and has practised for 5 years. Omila is married to the Blue Bulls and Springbok prop Lizo Gqoboka. She is a mother and is very passionate about women empowerment. In addition to being a fashion stylist she has a growing YouTube channel that provides fashion and faith related content.

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