South African Fashion Week 2020 Runway Day 2

From edgy elegance by Chief of Angels to playful pinks by Mantsho Media, day two of South African Fashion Week (SAFW) exhibited the best in local talent.

Here are a few highlights from day two:

Chief of Angels

A potent combination of strength and softness, the collection by Chief of Angels brought a modern flair to the classic leather look. From rustic fishnet overlays to studded leather jackets, the collections embodied edgy elegance.

#SAFW #TenTwentyTwenty

Cindy Mfabe

Strategically placed slits ensured sophisticated sexiness in the collection by Cindy Mfabe. This was complemented by structured coats with fitted details.

#SAFW #TenTwentyTwenty


Warm orange shades combined with cooler pale blues provided an effective combination. The dynamic African patterns exuded an energy that projected through the garments from Ezokheto.

#SAFW #TenTwentyTwenty


The collection by Lucent included bold patterns, delicate tassels, and montaged colour blocking. South African Fashion Week 2020 Runway Day 2

#SAFW #TenTwentyTwenty


Ebony and Ivory have never looked so good in the latest collection by Lunar with muted tones ensuring that the tailoring did all the talking.

#SAFW #TenTwentyTwenty

Mantsho Media

Prints and pale pinks were the names of the game in the creations by Mantsho Media with structured blazers and skirt overlays adding a sophisticated flair.

#SAFW #TenTwentyTwenty


Rubicon’s textures brought all the heat with playful patterns and purple accents.

#SAFW #TenTwentyTwenty

The Bam Collective

Sleek gloves, beaded earrings, and exaggerated shoulder pads made up the futuristic collection by The Bam Collective.

#SAFW #TenTwentyTwenty

As we hit the midway mark of SAFW, it is clear to see that there is much to be excited about when it comes to the South African fashion industry!

Stay tuned for day three of SAFW

Written By: Rebekah Skye
Instagram – @rebekah.skye  |  Twitter – @rebekah_skye_sa  |  Facebook Page Rebekah Skye

Images By: Eunice Driver Photography

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South African Fashion Week 2020 Runway Day 2

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