Surviving a Summer Road Trip

It’s hour number 4 in the car and tensions are starting to run high. Your siblings are quarreling about the music and your parents about directions. You see, surviving a Summer road trip might not be quite as easy as you think, especially if the whole family is going along for the ride! To avoid arguing and navigation troubles,  we’ve come up with the best tips to ensure an enjoyable and peaceful family road trip.

Plan your route

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Planning your road trip route is very important and will probably save you the dreaded “I think we’re lost” conversation. Encourage the designated driver to make use of GPS throughout the journey, to guarantee a smooth trip. In South Africa, there are many well-known road trips routes, most notably The Garden Route.

The Garden Route stretches out over 200km between Mossel Bay in the Western Cape and the Storms River Mouth on the Western fringes of the Eastern Cape. Taking a road trip on the Garden Route guarantees picturesque views, quaint and hidden places to stop at, and quite a few adventurous activities along the way.

Packing light is NB!

It’s important to keep space in mind when you’re packing for a road trip. Remember, the whole family’s luggage needs to fit in the car, while also ensuring enough space for a comfortable trip. Suggest to your siblings or parents that everyone pairs up and shares a bag to lighten the load.

The Perfect Playlist

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Putting together the perfect playlist for a road trip is arguably the most important part. If the whole family is in the car, you should try to cater to everyone’s music tastes. If you’re in charge of creating the playlist, ask your family what genres of music they enjoy and mix them together. Remember, there’ll be some music you don’t vibe with but your favourite tunes will play soon enough!

Snack Attack!

We all know the temptation that comes with an array of snacks to choose from right under your nose! Allocate a certain amount of snacks to each day of the trip to avoid finishing everything in one go. Keep the snacks light and not too messy. Dried fruits, biltong, pretzels, and box juices are the way to go.

Surviving a Summer road trip is so easy when everything is planned beforehand. Leave the spontaneity to the activities you’ll do or places you’ll stop off at; a well-planned road trip will allow the whole family to have the best and most comfortable ride.

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Sarah Ward
Sarah Ward

Entertainment Editor

Fun, adventure and happiness are the most important parts of life to Sarah-Justine. Born and bred in Durban, Sarah is a 22-year-old currently studying a degree in Drama at the University of Pretoria. She plans on majoring in Directing and has big dreams of taking the international entertainment industry by storm. When she isn’t writing Entertainment blogs, Sarah enjoys traveling to new destinations, making sure that she’s always got her camera in hand. She describes herself as a creative, full of wanderlust, and always the life of the party.


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