Tové Experience – Destination Specialist in Cape Town

Tové Experience is a Destination Specialist in Cape Town and surrounds, with unparalleled and personalised service for their clients.

Their mission is to consistently offer a unique concierge service that speaks to both national and international clients.

No request is too big or too small. We pride ourselves on being able to offer a turn-key, all-encompassing travel solution to enhance your journey to the Mother City.

Anthea Scholtz, Founder and Director of Tové Experience, started the business with the intention of creating, curating and executing the most incredible experiences for both nationals and internationals in the Mother City.

The focus of Tové has two main facets: Travel and Specialised Eventing. We’ve been part of some really fantastic events since the brand’s inception. Anthea told our Real Life Editor, Trudi Stander, that they can’t wait to do more. Lockdown has got us locked in on some planning.

When did you start your business?

The business started in 2017, with the idea of creating and conceptualising experiences for locals and internationals visiting Cape Town. As with any business, it was a slow process. Small and simple steps in the right direction to build the foundations.

Did you ever imagine it would become this massive brand?

I definitely didn’t know that it would become so well-known locally. It’s such an amazing feeling when people talk about Tové and any experience we’ve created for that person, whether an event, something high adrenaline, a villa or boat charter. It’s very fulfilling.

Tell us about the process?

Process of the business: So essentially what the business does is conceptualises new and innovative ways to experience Cape Town. We’ve got some of the basics, such as villa rental, boat charter, and tours… But our goal is to go beyond that. Our motto is “Beyond the Cable Car”.

We’ll receive a brief from a client and curate and create an experience according to the requirements of that specific person/group. As a result, no two experiences are the same. It keeps our minds very stimulated and allows the consumer to experience Cape Town in a completely unique way.

Process of starting the business: Starting the business was possibly one of the biggest learning curves I’ve experienced. All things from registering the company through to capital outlay, tax, bookkeeping, relationship building and client procurement. It was something so new to me, so daunting and yet SO exciting. I loved getting everything started with this new venture.

Were you panicking? Were you excited? What was the energy behind it?

It’s a bit of both. You’re venturing into the unknown! Obviously there’s the trust in the concept, but you never know how the market will take to it. But wow, it’s exciting. The most incredible part of it is watching your baby business starting to grow. There are few things more fulfilling than creating something out of nothing and watching people take to it.

What would you share with your younger self about making decisions?

I’d tell her to get as much advice as possible from trusted friends/mentors and family before making an educated decision, BUT to ultimately go with your gut. Too often people’s opinions can drown out the initial idea and lead you astray. So, gut instinct should be the priority, but never, ever stop learning from others.

What did you have to learn along the way?

I made several mistakes and paid my “school fees” along the way. The journey certainly had its ups and downs with learnings. I have learnt the skill of negotiating, patience and working to my strengths while letting my business partner work to hers. I’ve also learnt that even in business sometimes it is good to let the universe unfold as it should. Not to be complacent, but to trust the process. Those are but a few of the learnings!

What advice do you have for all the young woman entrepreneurs out there who are dreaming big?

Never feel bad for dreaming big! But never, ever feel bad for starting small. It’s a one-step-at-a-time process, not a big bang. Any overnight success takes years of work behind the scenes. Always remember that.

When it came to balancing entrepreneurship and personal life, was it challenging?

Always challenging, in that, they overlap excessively for me. I don’t know when to put my phone down or laptop away. It can be frustrating for friends and a partner. But my work is what fills my cup, so I’ll take on as much as I can.

Do you think it’s possible to have it all?

Something will always inevitable fall to the wayside. That’s natural. But prioritising is so important. It’s about what fills your cup – not any kind of the societal norm.

Having said that I do think that many people don’t utilise their time correctly, and with effective time management there certainly is more that we can do and have than we realise.

Talk to us about your day-to-day. What’s non-negotiable for you to stay balanced?

Healthy food and time in nature with my dogs. I’m a bit yoga mad so that’s a must, especially on a workday to stay centred. Those are the non-negotiables. And coffee..- I can’t survive without coffee.

Day to day includes meetings and working from home. I just love the freedom and flexibility of being able to work from anywhere. Even four years after leaving corporate, I still get excited to be able to set myself up at a coffee shop and do the work I need to for the day.

Are there any decisions that you made in the process of growing Tové Experience that you would make differently now?

I’d have started waking up at 5:30 am a lot earlier in my career! That’s a game-changer! Otherwise, I’ve loved the process and wouldn’t change very much, to be honest.

What else are you up to these days and what should our readers look out for?

So I’m in the music industry as well and DJ part-time. That’s always a lot of fun and another outlet for creativity.

I do a lot of animal work around Cape Town. I’m extremely passionate about the fight against animal abuse, so you’ll often find me with a number of dogs in tow.

To find out more about Tové Experience and what they can offer you visit their Website  l  Instagram  l  Facebook

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Trudi Stander
Trudi Stander

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Trudi Stander, our Real Life Mentor and head of our BLOSS Brand Ambassador program is a strong woman who faces life with no fear, fights for what she wants, and don’t care what people say about her. She is a businesswoman and entrepreneur with more than 10 years’ experience in the media industry. She believes that every moment we are alive is precious. Treat it as such and don’t waste a single second. Be brave, and don't be afraid to assert your power in the pursuit of your dreams. Set your goals, and accomplish them, but be kind to yourself. Make things happen without permission.

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